Jamie Schulman
Administrative and Creative Genius


Jamie Schulman combines business acumen with creative capabilities. As Schulman Insurance Brokerage’s operational management and support administrator, Jamie oversees intra-office interaction, internal communications and outreach marketing. She develops the company’s messaging and focuses on facilitating clearer communication with our clients.

In addition to her operational role, Jamie is also a creative mind. Experienced in graphic art and design, she applies her skills to combine the written and visual elements in Schulman Insurance Brokerage’s proposals, presentations and corporate communications for the most effective communication.

Jamie graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, majoring in Business & Computer Information Systems. She later obtained a Master of Business Administration in Business Management from Hofstra University.

“There’s a lot for clients to understand with insurance. I believe that the verbal-visual interface in our proposals and communications makes the message come across more clearly and succinctly.”