Additional Services

insurance_0000s_0000_Additional-ServicesThe advisors at Schulman Insurance Brokerage are knowledgeable in many insurance products. With long-standing carrier relationships nd extensive knowledge of the insurance marketplace, Schulman advisors will give you clear options and sound advice.

Additional Services:

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance – Insurance coverage for nursing home care, home health care, personal or adult day care for individuals. There are many options in LTC insurance so a careful evaluation of your needs is vital.

Medicare Supplement Insurance – Insurance coverage to supplement basic Medicare coverage. There are several MediGap plans, all provided by private insurance companies, but all plans are not available in every state.

Medicare Advantage Plan – Insurance that provides Medicare Part A and Part B benefits through a private company that contracts with Medicare.

Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) – An agreement between employee and employer that allows a fixed amount of an employee’s pre-tax wages to be set aside for qualified expenses which may include child care or uncovered medical expenses. All unused dollars in the account at year-end are lost if not spent.

Health Savings Account (HSA) – A type of savings account created for individuals who are covered under high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) to save for medical expenses that are not covered under the plan.

Transit & Parking Benefit – A fringe benefit offered by some employers to their employees to cover expenses related to transit and parking.

Dependent Care Insurance – A benefit offered by some employers to their employees to cover the care of children or other dependents.