Case Histories

Schulman Insurance Brokerage has a history of client successes that are evidenced by our high client retention rate and long-standing client relationships. We go above and beyond for all clients and are fully committed to achieving clients’ long and short term goals.

The following are just a few of many examples of how Schulman Insurance Brokerage has made a difference to our clients.

Lowering Costs without Reducing Coverage.
A Case History of Brian Dubé, Inc.

Like many employers, Brian Dubé, Inc. noticed their employee healthcare benefits rising at an alarming rate. While they wanted to continue to offer their employees the same healthcare … Read More

Appealing Prescription Limits.
A Case History of an Employee at a New York Textile Importer

After an insurance carrier change, an employee of one of Schulman Insurance Brokerage’s clients was denied coverage for the quantity of medication prescribed for her condition… Read More

Evaluating Life Insurance Goals and Options.
A Case History of a 54-Year Old Client

John Brickman*, a 54-year old family man with a limited budget, came to Schulman Insurance Brokerage with concerns about how to best protect his family’s financial future…Read More

175 Confused Employees
A Case History of an employer that tried to save $200,000

A mid-sized Long Island company contacted us in February of 2015.  They are a rapidly-growing HVAC company with offices throughout the Northeast…Read More