Case Histories

Lowering Costs without Reducing Coverage A Case History of Brian Dubé, Inc.

Issue: Like many employers, Brian Dubé, Inc. noticed their employee healthcare benefits rising at an alarming rate. While they wanted to continue to offer their employees the same healthcare coverage, the medical premiums were drastically affecting the company’s bottom line.

Theory: Schulman Insurance Brokerage has found that slight changes in employee benefit plans can drastically reduce the premiums paid by employers, without drastically affecting coverage.

Measures/Methods: Schulman advisors worked with the Human Resources Department of Brian Dubé to analyze their current plan, survey employees, discuss preferences and concerns and create a report that illustrated the group’s desires, including physician participation and suitable insurance product alternatives.

Solution: Through due diligence, knowledge of the marketplace and flexibility in insurance products, Schulman advisors created a clear, easy to follow employee benefits proposal. Highlights included cost-reducing alternatives that did not impact quality of care, the overall experience of the employee or the administrative duties of the company.

Outcome: Schulman Insurance Brokerage reduced Brian Dubé’s employee benefits costs by over 30%, providing a seamless transition that has stood the test of time. Over the past three years Brian Dubé, Inc.’s insurance premiums continue to be lower than when Schulman Insurance Brokerage was first called to advise on their employee benefit programs. In a relationship that continues to this day, Schulman Insurance Brokerage has become an extension of the Brian Dubé Human Resources Department, answering questions, assisting with claims and saving both money and time.