Paid Family Leave – What you need to know.

Paid Family Leave – What you need to know.

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by Jonathan Schulman on 08/04/2017Leave a Comment
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What is PFL and how does it relate to DBL?

Starting in January 2018, Paid Family Leave (PFL) will take effect for New Yorkers.  Generally, employees at private sector organizations with at least one employee (who currently have NY statutory disability insurance, commonly referred to as DBL) will be required to receive PFL coverage.  PFL coverage allows employees to take paid time off for certain qualifying events while their job and health insurance are protected.  PFL will be a mandatory rider added to the DBL policy.

Full-time employees must be employed at least 26 weeks at their current employer to qualify for PFL.  Part-timers must be employed at least 175 consecutive days at their current employer to qualify.  DBL and PFL benefits may not be collected at the same time.  Combined, they must stay within the 26-week benefit maximum during any 52 consecutive calendar weeks.  This new policy affects all employers based on the above-referenced criteria whether or not they also offer employee benefits such as business health insurance, dental insurance or any other ancillary group insurance benefits.

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